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J. Fryderyk

The web platform for a fashion brand can not be crude and out of style. That is why we focused on fine details in the form of good graphics and functionality.

The big picture

Some men always look spick and span. They know how to dress well and appreciate the looking really good not only during special occasions.

These men are the target audience of the J.Fryderyk brand, which asked us to create their online store. No, not just another website, but a made to fit e-commerce site that reflects a prestigious image of the company, appeals to young ambitious men, and supports brick and mortar shops and retailers. A site that like men’s collections, evolves and adapts to current needs.

How did we do it?

Fashion is an extremely aesthetic experience. We wanted to convey just that in J.Fryderyk’s online store.

That is why we focused on a functional layout and intuitive navigation. The whole is complemented by beautiful images which thanks to a tile layout smartly feature the brands elegant collections. And looking smart is what it is all about.


Our clients are very satisfied with the final effect. The brand’s web platform presents itself just as well as their stylish collections.

We hope that the public will also appreciate the artistry of its execution. See for the well tailored design for yourself.

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