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How do you stay on course with a clear message while not straying off the road of good design? You simply do it by passing others by with innovative thinking and high performing graphics.

The big picture

Designing solutions for cars is an art in itself. Here you need to shift into a high gear sense of style and technological innovation.

Especially when it comes to an Internet platform that is to showcase four new models for Honda in 2015. That was the challenge set before us by the biggest media group in Silesia, Pimedia.

How did we do it?

We knew that the best road to our destination was to develop a site with four subpages, one for each of Honda’s model, and a system of informing potential customers about their chosen car model through email.

We also took care in developing layouts to present future announcements.


Once more our expectations have been exceeded. Our client has already assigned us more projects, and Honda’s audience has been appreciating the intuitive and attractive additions to their site.

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