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The website of an agency that specialises in presenting beautifully detailed spaces must be visually attractive itself.

The big picture

In certain sectors, the professionalism of a company is clearly stated in the effects of their work, and so is the case for Grid Design.

That is why their work had to be showcased as the primary element of the website, and adjacent to them, portraits of the people who make it happen. That said, we didn’t forget about the other unique aesthetic details which make Grid renowned.

How did we do it?

As the famous saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ That is why we thought that Grid’s visualizations should play the main role. Upon entering their site you are greeted by the heads of the team, who share their approach to graphics and art.

Right next to them cascading images invite you to familiarise yourself with their rich portfolio. Further exploration of the site gives the viewer other perspectives of the agency allowing for a more accurate picture of the whole.


Our clients are very satisfied with the end result.

People visiting the site and business partners appreciate the beautifully displayed portfolio and ease of gaining knowledge about the people for whom space has no secrets.

On a daily basis we design large and small buildings. We were looking for a creative company with extensive experience to design our website.
We found it.

Serge Ecker
CEO/Creative Director

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