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Dream Park

Fun knows no age, and you can discover this for yourself by visiting Dream Park. Our assignment was to get this notion across for Dream Park through a new website.

The big picture

Dream Park is a special place with unique attractions for everyone. It was important for us to present a taste of this excitement when guests visit their website.

So, we not only redesigned the website but also solved many service issues associated with the park, which went beyond online and into the physical realm.

How did we do it?

We designed a visually appealing and serene site where visitors can get acquainted with the attractions and events offered by Dream Park.

We even took into account such details as discreet icons that inform about the closure of specific attractions, which prevents disappointment of guests young and old. We focused on simplifying navigation, and offering multiple language versions to cater to a greater spectrum of guests (15% of site traffic is from foreign countries). We also proposed online ticket sales to alleviate bottle necking at ticket windows, so that guests can avoid queues, and owners can avoid the expense of additional infrastructure.


The numbers speak for themselves: 60% more traffic, 31% more repeat visits and 40% more unique visitors.

The engagement of visitors has increased 5x and the amount of content viewed has jumped up 3x, and all this thanks to thoughtful design, visually attractive graphics and a professional web platform.

An unrivaled agency in the south of Poland. Our new online image has translated into a significant increase in traffic to our park, but most importantly increased the satisfaction of our customers.

Ewelina Drewniak
Marketing manager

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