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Gość Niedzielny

Every man believes in something. We believe in beautiful graphics and effective technological solutions. These principles have guided the creation for Gość Niedzielny.

The big picture

Gość Niedzielny turned to us with a request to design a system of page creation within their web platform.

This called for a solution where users can intuitively manage and easily create new graphic templates.

How did we do it?

We believed in the power of this project and created a blogging system, administration servicing and testing of the platforms layout on mobile devices.

In order for the words to become flesh, we found a simpler and cheaper way of implementing new graphic templates. We have also tested the functional mock-up on the target group and we are constantly working on bring new templates to life.


The target audience of this web platform is unlimited, just as faith is unlimited. It is used by children, adults, priests and lay people.

They appreciated our efforts and praise the simpler and more intuitive solutions that we have applied.

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