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How do you squeeze the best of a brand? By creating an interesting product and seasoning it with a tasty design. That is what we did with Limonka.

The big picture

Create a fresh and intriguing message for a fast food spot is not a piece of cake. Especially if the target group is young people.

And that was the challenge put before us by the owners of Limonka. We associated the brand with good taste and lightness, and the restaurant has now grown into a well known spot for youth.

How did we do it?

We started our work from the ground up which meant a visual identity. We wanted to emphasise the high quality of the Limonka’s dishes, and at the same time create a fresh, fashionable and friendly brand.

And we accomplished this through logos, menus, and other visually appealing elements.


Our aim hit the bull’s eye. Limonka is bustling, the customers and the owners are happy, and the brand is associated with freshness, delicious flavours and good times.

They designed great materials for us. Our customers love to come to us because they can feel the freshness of our brand.

Beata Misiarz
Marketing manager

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