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Modern solutions, an innovative approach to the brand, a useful application… it all adds up. Just like a calculator of savings which we created for the BMW brand in cooperation with Pimedia.

The big picture

At motor shows making a good impression counts.

First of all, these impressions are meant to be secured by the car models, that said additional elements factor in which can overtake the moves of the competition. That’s why we were asked to come up with a savings calculator for the BMW i3 comparing it to internal combustion engine cars.

How did we do it?

We were guided by the urge to utilize the latest technology.

We wanted the calculator to be easily accessible to all show goers, that’s why we designed it on interactive screens so that everyone willing could try it.


It exceeded our expectations.

The calculator made such an impression that BMW decided to implement it on their website, not only in Poland but also in the Czech Republic and Germany. It’s like shifting into the fifth gear of advantage.

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